Welcome to AdaVerse!

Our stake pool is maintained by professionals engineers.

It has been build from the source with special focus on security and stability.

+99% uptime guaranteed.


Cardano is a PoS (Proof of Stake) blockchain, which means that you don't need heavy hardware like GPUs to be able to mint and earn rewards like other blockchains need (ETH, BTC...).

In Cardano you just need to have ADAs and stake them. Easy, simple and secure. But that's not all, you will need to find a Stake Pool that mint blocks every epoch in order to be able to claim your rewards, like us!

Staking with us will provide you more than just ADA, you will also receive tokens as reward for your loyalty, and you will be able to be elegible for random Airdrops and giveaways that are exclusives for our delegators.

For more information you can check our staking guide.

Why to choose us?


Uptime and Availabity 24/7.


Technical Expertise

AdaVerse is managed by professionals engineers that check everyday that everything is working.


We are members of the Single Pool Alliance which means that if you delegate with us you will support the decentralization of Cardano.


Each epoch that we mint at least one block, a few delegators will receive random airdrops of tokens like PAVIA, Hosky, Bison and more.

Besides the airdrops, we will handle exclusive events and giveaways for our delegators, with a bigger ammount of tokens & ADA dropped to them as gifts for their loyalty!

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