Staking Guide

Welcome to our staking guide! We will explain how to delegate in our pool and earn rewards every 5 days.

We will talk about the two most used wallets and the best at this moment.

Eternl (old is our favorite and the one we currently use because in addition to having a very good and intuitive interface, which also has a night mode, it has a very good display for NFTs. As if this were not enough, it also has a mobile application!

It is available as we have mentioned for both mobile and computer. In this small guide we will use the browser extension, but if you use the mobile application, they are exactly the same steps.

First of all, create or add your wallet to Eternl. Once you have your wallet, you must go to the staking tab:

Once you are in that tab, you only have to filter the pools and look for us, if you type "Adaverse" we will appear! Click on "Delegate" and sign a transaction confirming the delegation. Once it's done, everything will be ready and you will start receiving rewards every 5 days!


Yoroi is a wallet created by EMURGO. Like Eternl, it has both a desktop application (Browser web extension and web page) and mobile application.

As an EMURGO wallet(Co-founder of Cardano with IOHK and the Cardano foundation) it has been one of the first wallets taking it to fame for it.

To delegate with Yoroi, as in Eternl, youwill need to add or create our account in the application. Unlike Eternl, Yoroi will give you a recovery phrase of 15 words instead of 24.

Once the account has been created or added, you must go to the "Delegation List":

Once there, we must search for our pool by entering "Adaverse" in the search engine and press the button.

To start earning rewards every 5 days, all you have to do is press the "Delegate" button and sign the transaction confirming the process!

Once these steps are completed you will start receiving rewards based on the amount of ADA you have in your wallet (around 5%APY).

You don't need to do anything else! Once the first 3 epochs have passed since you delegated, the first rewards of our pool will arrive. This is because the blockchain has a kind of "delay".

Likewise, if one day you decide to stop delegating, even moving your ADA from that wallet and not delegating anything, you will receive staking rewards for two more epochs.

Do not hesitate to contact us on telegram or twitter if you have any questions or problems!